Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No One Mourns The Wicked.

"There were more ways to live than the ones given by ones superiors." 
Gregory Maguire

OH MY GOODNESS!! It was amazing!!
And thats all I'm going to say about it.

Friday, January 9, 2015

My Sincerely Cayla

My oldest has a blog. Crazy huh? To think she is already on her way to making her writing dreams come true. I had to document the time we spent together as we mind mapped, listed goals, made plans and hung out doing what we love. (Not to mention eating Sushi afterwards.) This girl is growing up into such a beautiful woman. I adore her.

You won't want to miss keeping up with her blog : it's going to be full of all the drama of teenage life. Including things like interviews with other teenagers, homeschooling wonders and woes, babysitting tips and all things Cayla.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mommy and The Poet Girl Go On A Shopping Spree

What a great start to 2015! I (Mommy) got to meet up with Christine (one of my BFF's) for our 5th yearly mama getaway where we do art and dream big dreams. It was so divine. As always! And upon return, I got to take this middle baby out for a date. Just the two of us. For Christmas she was gifted a shopping spree with Mommy. She was so excited to be shopping for her own style of clothing (which included mainly plaid) rather than always embracing hand-me-downs. This girl never complains but sometimes, it's nice to pick out clothes for yourself. So here you have the documentation of my Poet Girl's date with mommy:

It began, as all things do with the Poet Girl - jamming to tunes. Since we are both BIG fans of Meghan Trainor and her song All About That Bass - we started there. And boy can this girl jam!

We then had to grab some bathroom mirror selfies. It was a must. Always. And since I'm working on drinking more water this year, we frequented the bathroom quite a bit on our date. Cheers to our bodies being hydrated!

Justice is Poet Girls favorite store so we started there. Like, literally, we searched for it and excitedly rushed inside. With many outfit changes she found her new favorite outfit. And bought it. I was so thrilled to be a part of this fun journey with her.

The woman who helped us was so nice. She celebrated my girl on this special day and allowed us to capture the purchase on camera.

The day seemed to go by so quickly but we had so much fun. I captured my Poet Girl with all her goodies she brought home. Look at that face. I love it!

Her list of goodies so we always remember : Overalls and long sleeve sparkly blue plaid shirt from justice, pink plaid from American Eagle, best friend (mommy and daughters) mid-rings from Charming Charlie, an under shirt tank, scarf, and hat from Old Navy, and last but not least, a wild cheetah bath robe from Target. Not pictured here is a book light from Barnes and Nobles for her poetry reading/writing at night.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

hiding is a good thing.

it's been. a. while.

sometimes rest is needed. space to breathe.

been there. done that. sometimes hiding is a good thing.

exciting stuff is happening. exciting stuff has happened. i can't wait to share all the mushy awesomeness.

soon. i promise.

2013 is coming to a close but theres magic awaiting. this site will go on.

just wait and see.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sacred Sightings :: Mornings

I can't believe that it's March already.  I feel that with her arrival, there are adventures on the horizon.  What they are, I can't say yet but magic is brewing.  They may not be huge and grand like last months RV trip to Key Largo with friends, but there is great rest in being home.  

We are spending March still.  With local adventures and friends.  Focusing on the little things.  The things that seem insignificant to some.  Things that we often just glance over, but, when pausing to look and listen to them, we realize that they are truly sacred :: 

Like glances from the morning, to some these images may not seem significant but to me, they tell a story about my children.  Each one so very different, even in how they wake up in the morning.  

The little man often snuggles up close to me and stays quiet.  Usually we sit together on the floor.  He wants to cuddle.  If he wakes before us, since he's usually the first one up, he will wait on the couch until we are up and ready to share a seat together.  He, like his mother, wakes up slowly.  

My wild child and milk girl, begs for milk in a glass along with her cereal, as soon as she comes to the kitchen.  It's all about milk in the morning for her.  Somehow she also times it perfectly to be able to chug the last little bit directly from the container.  She wakes up talking.  Excited.  Ready to tell us all what her plans, and ours, are for the day. 

Our girlie girl wakes with a book in her hand.  Even bringing it to the kitchen table.  She pours her orange juice and somehow manages to drink and eat while still mesmerized with the words from the story.  She often will move from there to asking for a bath in our claw-foot tub and I know its because she doesn't want to put the book down.   

These things.  They are sacred.  I want to notice them.  To remember them.  To record them.

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