Monday, February 2, 2009

Get out of the house, Get outdoors!

The more I ponder and re-read Miss Masons bits of nuggets the more I am convicted, encouraged and inspired! Currently my CM homeschool group is reading through Formation of Character but I decided to go back and read Home Education.. this book can be read over and over and I still come away with something! In my journal I wrote that these books in my opinion come second to only one book and that is my treasured Word of God!

Reading a few chapters I am encouraged to get out of my home and go outside for some NEEDED fresh air! Miss Mason writes,

"On fine days when it is warm enough to sit out with wraps, why should not tea and breakfast, everything but a hot dinner, be served out of doors?"

This is my newest challenge and goal for my little ones and for myself, to go enjoy this beautiful world that our Father has created for us! Tomorrow we are going to have lunch outside and play before nap time! I am going to give my children more of the best!

"Never be within doors when you can rightly be without"

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