Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trip to the Mill

Our favorite part about being a homeschooling family is the fact that we can go anywhere for an adventure and "field trip" together!  Daddy will spot places while traveling with his job (in state) and on his days off we will pack up and go exploring!  

Here is a Mill that he found, we were able to tour the museum and see the way that grain and corn were ground throughout the years, we were also able to walk up and see the Mill at work.  

There were also nature trails that we went exploring on!  We were able to see turtles, birds, baby frogs and even rescued a dragon fly :)


  1. Is this the one on Lake W. road? I've been wondering what it was like....

  2. I love that place. Isn't it gorgeous?

  3. I love that place. Isn't it gorgeous?


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