Monday, June 1, 2009

testing, testing, testing...

My kids are growing up way to fast!!!  This is our second year doing the end of the year testing with our eldest princess.  It has been a crazy day and will continue to be a crazy week!

We do not care so much what the results are due to the fact that much of the teaching that we do is NOT the same as what is taught in the school system but its still nice to see how well she is doing.  We have done ZERO grammar, spelling, vocabulary "curriculum" and yet my little reader always surprises us at the ability to have figured out much of these treasures on her own!  Never underestimate the power of good books/reading!


  1. I know...I think testing is ridiculous. I was always top of the class yet tested HORRIBLY. It proves nothing, really. I agree that reading opens up a whole new world and "teaches" when we don't:)

  2. Testing always proves to be a CRAZY week! We all already know what our kids know and don't but we do want to satisfy the state so that we still have the right to homeschool :)

    It is amazing how reading just gives our kids such knowledge... our oldest is a BIG reader.. a book a day if she can... on her spelling test she was alloted 38 minutes and she did it in 3!! All because she is such a reader and is able to recognize the correct words quickly :)

    Now on to plan for next year!! Have a great day!

  3. I know Charlotte Mason calls testing the "juggernaut of education" and we don't teach to test as well but...I always loved taking those tests as a kid. A pair of brand new, highly sharpened No.2 pencils and all those dots to fill in!

    I think our state might require standardized tests at the beginning of jr. high and high school so we have a bit before we go through it.

    And...your photos are always so beautiful!


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