Thursday, December 3, 2009

Are you ready for St Nicholas Day?

As we have added another personality to our home school journey (my son) we have had to change a few things! We had to tweek our style a bit... I am in love with Charlotte Mason and all of her philosophies and teaching so we will always be a CM family BUT this year we have also added a Waldorf twist to our CM!

In our new found jewel of Waldorf we have decided to begin celebrating more of the festivals! My husband and I have been doing research together regarding our new twist and we were amazed at much of the history we lacked about the purpose behind so many of these festivals.

We have never celebrated or "done" Santa simply because Christmas is all about Jesus Christs' birth. Hearing the history of how America twisted St Nicholas into Santa Claus is very eye opening! December 6th is St Nicholas Day (the anniversary of his death AD 343) and we will be celebrating and remembering this amazing man that came and wanted to follow Christ's words to sell what you own and give to the poor. He used his inheritance to assist the needy and the sick.

St Nicholas dedicated his life to serving Father so Sunday we will be remembering with yummy food, and even a few gifts from St. Nicholas to the kiddos.

Stay tuned to hear more about the festivals..

Dec 25th- Christmas
The Holy Nights (12 Days between Christmas and Three Kings Day)
January 6th- Three Kings Day
Feb 2nd- Candlemas

Are you ready for St Nicholas Day? If you too will be celebrating this festival please share your ideas with a newbie :)


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