Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So Far, No Stitches!

This little guy has totally captured his mothers heart!! Yes he may be VERY difficult in regards to his learning how to read but he is such a delight to have around! Here is how we homeschool...


Lots of outside time with dirt bike riding, archery practice, and many more dangerous adventures!

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(Yup I'm one of those mothers.. so far no stitches)


OK so yes we do have real "school" time too...

He has now officially gotten eight letters down!! This is a HUGE accomplishment for us! We absolutely adore the Explode the Code series, he is now on the second book, "Get Set for THE CODE" and actually looks forward to doing it in the mornings and adding the new letters to his alphabet book!

We are taking things slow but enjoying every moment together while doing it! There is a season for everything and right now this is our season for embracing SLOW!


  1. haha... I'm one of those mothers too! Except we have had stitches, staples and a broken arm. :) Aren't boys just the best!!

    One of mine has had a harder time with the whole reading thing and we've just gone very, very slow and he's getting it. I think you enjoy seeing them get it a little bit more when the journey has been a little more challenging. :) We also have really enjoyed the explode the code series.

    You are doing an awesome job Mama!!!

  2. Yeah, like Carrie said, we've had stitches too... lots of them... on all three boys, and a broken leg on my youngest due to trying to keep up with his big brothers!

    My sons loved seeing the photo of your little guy on his dirt bike. My one son says... "Oh! I'd like a motorcycle, too!". What a great post and photography!

    I've never looked at Explode the Code but I'm all for going at the pace your child needs. Good for you!

  3. I'm one of those mothers, too! No stitches but we have had a visit to the ER (gym rings inside the house) and a broken nose (rough-housing with dad).

    Just how fast do those little Suzukis go? I know my boys would love a pair.

    You're right, our boys do have our hearts. I am planning on reading "Wild at Heart" and become a student of their hearts as well.

    Have you read Charlotte Mason's tips on beginning reading? Fun! M read on his own but we'll be using her method with L.

    Keep enjoying that boy!

  4. We SHOULD have had stitches here, but I'm too nonchalant about certain things:) Every mother should let her boys be boys- then maybe we would have more MEN in the world:)

  5. Thank you guys for your comments, I now have a feeling that I should begin preparing myself for stitches since most of you have already been there :)

    Richele: Not sure how fast it goes but it definitely freaks this Mama out!


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