Monday, March 29, 2010

Rain and a Monumental Day

Yesterday was a monumental day for us here.. it marked the beginning of our fourth year in the adoption journey that we began back March 28th 2007. Though this day came with some wounds we celebrate in knowing that Father has it all worked out.
He is Sovereign and has a perfect plan for our life and a reason for this journey that has not taken us where we had thought.

Here is one of the lyrics to a song by a favorite artists of mine, Sara Groves. This song touches my heart every time I hear it, I hope that these lyrics will also touch your heart today!


Call it what you will I call it rain
When troubles come and pat against my soul
Go in if you like, I will remain
And let the washing waters make me whole

Just when I’m sure that I can't bear the rain
A tiny leaf starts pushing through the ground
In a place where the ground was too dry to sustain it
A new tiny flower can be found

Once I was stuck I thought things would never change
As I watched a cloud pass through the sky
Right before my eyes it took a different shape
And I knew, so were the clouds in my own life

I see Him in the rain
I feel Him wash away
What I do not understand
So new life can spring up once again

The flowers come to show that


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