Sunday, April 25, 2010

Its Official...

This morning we listed the house!!!! This is really exciting for me yet scares me silly at the same time! We are in the process of selling EVERYTHING and what a ride it has already been!! Stay tuned for more of the journey that lay ahead!



  1. Fantastic! It will be so exciting to follow your journey! Praying for God's peace and direction as you purchase your RV

  2. I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you! Let open houses begin!:)

  3. Congrats!!...We are on the same page and only weeks away from getting ours listed. Amazing isn't many crazy families out there!...LOL


  4. FUN! Did you buy your RV yet? Gotta love a new backyard every week!
    We left NV and came into CA today - from desert to grass and trees, flowers, greenery - it's a total change, love this journey....

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments! We are really excited about the adventure! We have not purchased our RV yet BUT we have one that we are traveling to go see this weekend that we feel is "the one" so I hope to have it here and some photo's up soon!!

  6. So excited for ya! So busy this weekend that I didn't even notice the sign- but I'm praying for ya!

  7. Well, I finally put 2+2 together to figure out just what you are up to. I love it and look forward to reading more as it all unfolds.

    We've been praying about putting our house up for sale and getting a yurt so we may be the OTHER family.

    Peace and joy multiplied!


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