Sunday, April 18, 2010

Warning... changes are coming!!

A homeschool adventure is undergoing some big changes in the next month or so... you are officially warned :)

We have been evolving in our homeschool journey (thanks to our little man) and have been through homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way, Waldorf inspiration and we are finally coming to the ultimate adventure for our family... UNSCHOOLING!

My husband has always had more of an unschooling mindset but this (public school) mommy has a much harder time with that concept! I guess Father knew that in order for our learning to become what it could I needed the little man in my life to push me forward! Last night we sat down together as a family and discussed the new changes that are coming!

In order for this to work on my account this mommy has some "deschooling" to do! What does this mean?

I will get rid of all schoolish thoughts!

Relax and enjoy the adventures!

Focus on REALLY being with my children!

Read more about unschooling and accept/trust that my children are curious creatures and will learn what Father desires for them to learn as individuals!!

I look forward to sharing our new adventures with you all!!!

Im hoping to change the title of this blog yet the address will remain the same


  1. the "deschooling" part isn't easy...but the unschooling is simply divine. :)

  2. Isn't that the beauty of homeschooling!?! Each family is different and needs to find what fits them best. Good for you for finding it!

  3. fun! we're deschooling too, taking some time to really get it! so glad you commented on my blog so i could find yours. *we* have always been known as that crazy family, so i love it! :) :)

  4. We dig it, our family of five is working on the same thing. My wife got an Unschooling book and we are converting a bus into an RV to live out the field trip.

  5. We watched "Greystoke" last night. During the first half, I got to thinking, "Maybe this is what unschooling is like." If it is, I can understand the attraction.

  6. the "deschooling" part isn't easy...but the unschooling is simply divine. :)


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