Saturday, April 17, 2010

WooHoo Jim Weiss, we love you!!

I am SO EXCITED about the next school year!!!

Look what I found!!!

If you didn't notice.. this is the audio and read by none other than Jim Weiss!!

OK so who is Jim Weiss?

My hubby and I have heard him speak many times on storytelling! I think the very first time we heard him we were teenagers attending the home school convention with our parents! If you have never heard this man you are missing out!! I am so excited to have this for next year.. not only because mommy gets a break from reading BUT we are going to make this part of our evening routine as a family!

History before bed, woohoo!!!


  1. I misinterpreted your previous post. So sorry I gave advice. That isn't what you needed! The Holy Spirit, I think, prompted me to click back here to apologize.

  2. No! Dont apologize.. you have NO IDEA how much I needed to hear what you said!!! Actually my husband and I sat down today to discuss this very thing! I still tend to try to "do school at home" and my hubby is more unschooling at heart! Your comment was very appreciated and needed!! Thank you!


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