Saturday, April 17, 2010

WooHoo Jim Weiss, we love you!!

I am SO EXCITED about the next school year!!!

Look what I found!!!

If you didn't notice.. this is the audio and read by none other than Jim Weiss!!

OK so who is Jim Weiss?

My hubby and I have heard him speak many times on storytelling! I think the very first time we heard him we were teenagers attending the home school convention with our parents! If you have never heard this man you are missing out!! I am so excited to have this for next year.. not only because mommy gets a break from reading BUT we are going to make this part of our evening routine as a family!

History before bed, woohoo!!!


  1. I misinterpreted your previous post. So sorry I gave advice. That isn't what you needed! The Holy Spirit, I think, prompted me to click back here to apologize.

  2. No! Dont apologize.. you have NO IDEA how much I needed to hear what you said!!! Actually my husband and I sat down today to discuss this very thing! I still tend to try to "do school at home" and my hubby is more unschooling at heart! Your comment was very appreciated and needed!! Thank you!

  3. We LOVE this series!!


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