Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Bitter/Sweet Day

The bitter/sweet next step in our journey...


Yesterday we took our beloved Jack to his new family.

We have such great friends that have adopted him into their own family AND we will still get to see him! Last night they sent a video of him playing fetch with their kiddo's, so sweet!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you have to give your pup away. I'm sure he will be very happy in his new beautifully decorated home with boys that will play with him all day. I didn't know that you were friends w/ "nester". I met M in JoAnnes a couple years ago. Small World.

  2. Hana: The Nester and I were in the same small group while we were at Westover years ago.. LOVE that girl :)

  3. I love your dog. Thank you for him. I will take very good care of him-can't wait for you to come see us--I mean, him!

    Ok, and how do you know Hana? I'm wondering if she's the girl I met at Mary Jo's or JoAnnes? Funny how I meet everyone in fabric stores.

    Miss you.

  4. Even crazier small world! I know Nester from working together years ago and now feel like I know "that crazy family" (who found my blog in ways I don't know--but I am glad she did so I can follow along on this new journey--which my husband would love to do--whew, that was the worst written sentence ever!)

  5. LOL! Beth, I was typing a very similar comment last September and here I am.. those husbands have a way of making their dreams come true :)

  6. aw that makes me sad. but you look beautiful in this photo

  7. Thanks so much Shiva!! I still feel like that 14 year old trying to figure out from you how to do my make up :)


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