Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Closets, Cabinets and Creepy Crawlies Oh My!

The process continues as we clear out every inch of our stick home and prepare for the home on wheels! One week left until closing!!!

So.. what is my LEAST favorite areas to clean out you ask??? The closets and cabinets, uuugh so much dust and crumbs that I had no idea even existed! I'm confident that some creepy crawlies have lived in these corners at one time or another... can you tell I am NOT a spider fan! Uuuuugh Shudders consume me!

This has already been such an amazing journey for my soul! It has caused me to re-evaluate so many things in my life and the worth on said things. This "detox" of my home has encouraged me to research detoxing so many other areas of my life- more on the detoxing later!


What truly matters to me are the people in my life, they are irreplaceable! The love between my man and I and the life that we are cultivating is priceless!

I love watching and hearing other people's love stories...

I want to introduce you to the new owners of our stick home!


They called us and asked if we would mind letting them get married in our front yard (even though we haven't closed yet) and we told them that we would be honored!

We are thrilled for our home to be going to this new family and housing their many memories that they will create within its walls!


  1. I know about the detoxing. We've been in the process of paring down, of getting rid of things, and it's a wonderful feeling! Along with that, of course, we're detoxing emotionally, mentally, politically, socially. We're setting our priorities straight :). Congratulations to you and look forward to hearing more!

  2. this is so inspiring...and true! I am so excited for you to be going out on the road and going through this detox! Looking forward to following your journey!


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