Saturday, May 8, 2010

The HUGE yard sale is OVER!!!

We survived!! It was a very long day... I am so glad that it is OVER and that we are a little bit closer to moving into our new home!!!

Just for you.. snippets of the "Huge Yard Sale" adventure!

First the kids made signs, well they decorated the border and I wrote the big letters :)

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I began (like a goof ball) setting up the night before and guess what.. I was up until 9:30 with early shoppers! They were not quite as ready to buy as the customers on Saturday!

We started bright and early (5am) and had our first customer around 6:00am (in the midst of lugging furniture out) and it was non stop from that point on until about 2:00!

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This man got the most creative transportation award!!

Good-bye my leather couch friend!

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All of our kiddos were such troopers!
The little guy was a bit overwhelmed at times but he made this mommy proud!

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Wonderful turn out in sales and a lightened load off of our shoulders! Letting things go has become much easier! Aside from the major sunburn that I got, it was a very pleasing and productive day! I am beginning to feel relieved to be purging the stuff from our lives!


  1. Thank you! I hope you also had a great mothers day!

  2. I'm here to collect my award for most creative transportation. It has taken me a while to finally find your website. I can say confidently that it is much better than the site I had when I traveled the country on a veggie powered school bus. I'll give you this link merely to stand as proof.

    The couch (and other stuff) has a great home. And I can't tell you how many times I've talked about the awesome family I bought the thing from. I'm sure you are having an incredible time on your journey. Do yourself a favor and try to get up to Homer, Alaska at some point....just make sure it's summer.

  3. Thank you! I hope you also had a great mothers day!


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