Monday, May 3, 2010

Some Specs and The Plan...

Ive had many requests for interior photo's but unfortunately I don't have any of our actual baby! When we went to see her I wanted to keep our excitement on the down low.. for negotiations and such so I didn't get to snap inside photo's. We put a deposit on her and will be picking her up at the end of this week as long as everything goes great with our home inspection and such and then I will be uploading TONS of pics for you all :) Here are some of the specs for "Boundie" (the name my son gave our new home)

1997 Fleetwood Bounder, 36ft
Living Room Slide Out
Queen bed in rear (we will be making this room a bunk room)
Sleeper Sofa
Washer/Dryer combo.. woohoo!!

The Plan:
Once she arrives.. the renovations begin!
Painting the walls
Rear bedroom transformation into bunks
Replace Carpet with laminate flooring
Sew/buy new window treatments
Replace chair across from couch
Switch couch out to ikea sleeper sofa

We are in the full swing of selling and purging everything in our home.. it is non stop crazy with people in and out taking our "stuff" with them! I have started a HUGE pile for the yard sale that we will be having this Saturday in hopes that more will go! It still feels very overwhelming, we are down to 22 days left! I'm told to embrace these feeling that I am having but part of me is just ready for it all do be over and done with! We are ready to be in our new home and starting the next chapter of our story! Today my job is to list more items on Craigslist and keep the people coming!

The kids have been WONDERFUL!! We gave each of them a small toy box for things that they want to take with us.. minus the obvious Lego's and Lincoln logs! Our son has had some very sensitive moments that we have had to handle carefully.. but we keep reminding him of his dream to go to Texas and that seems to be the magical formula/answer!


  1. Congrats on your new home! I have to admit~ you have me intrigued by your new adventure, and I wondered if you would share your decision to sell all and travel with your young family??? What a great adventure! It is something so many of us would probably talk about, but never take the leap of faith to do. Bravo to you all for selling everything! I am emotionally there with you:))) We hold too tightly to these worldly things rather than the Godly things, don't we? I look forward to keeping up with your adventure!

  2. Wow! So exciting. We are seriously considering doing the same thing with our 3 kids sometime in the near future. I'll be following your adventure with great interest and maybe we'll see you on the road one day! Good luck getting rid of all your "stuff" - that may well be the hardest part!

  3. Yay!!! It looks awesome! I can't wait to see before and after photos of your work. :D


  4. Such an awesome adventure awaits. Someday perhaps we will meet on the road. Have a blast and live life to the fullest.

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog. . . we bought a pop up camper a few weeks ago and after the first trip we said 'I wonder what it would be like to tour the country in an RV?' so since I am the chicken one now (and you're actually doing it!!!) I'm going to live vicariously through you.

    Please tell me the RV has internet!!! :)

  6. Preggo: So thrilled that you stumbled upon my blog! We are hoping to find places that have wifi... cant live without internet :)

  7. Preggo: So thrilled that you stumbled upon my blog! We are hoping to find places that have wifi... cant live without internet :)


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