Saturday, July 17, 2010

A very brief update

My apologies to everyone, we have been without internet for over a week now here at the campground so I am having to go elsewhere to get connection!

We are loving our RV life though despite these small inconveniences!

Speaking of inconveniences... The current discovery that we are on is trying to figure out why our water pressure seems to have disappeared! My man has his work cut out for him once he returns from his business trip that he is on right now! Its funny how these things tend to wait until its mommy alone with the kiddos to go wrong.

The children are completely in love with the pool, we adults are a bit addicted to it also!

Want to know my FAVORITE part about living in a RV? The thunderstorms! Oh how I adore it! The sound of the rain beating against our home, its amazing!

Well sorry for the small update, hopefully internet will be back up and running and the posts will become more frequent!


  1. Did the water pressure change when you moved rv parks? We've notice extreme differences in water pressure park to park. There is something you can put on the house to build up the pressure, but I'm not sure what its called.

  2. i am jealous of your life. what an adventure you're on. i hope you can link up with my imperfect prose on thursdays next week... i love learning from you, friend. xo

  3. we don't have pressure to the back sink but the others are okay, weird! dh hasn't solved it yet. we do love the storms too, although having one follow us has been getting old! glad you're having fun!

  4. Did you actually say that you LOVE the thunderstorms in an RV? I think I must have read something wrong! LOL I used to think that to listen to the rain pitter patter against our metal roof would be amazing until it rained nearly everyday the entire first two months we were in our camper. Apparently we went full time just in time for the wettest rainy season ever! Go figure! Oh well, it's not rained in a while so I guess I could handle a good rain storm without cringing. Blessings!:)


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