Sunday, August 1, 2010

Entering Worship


It is Sunday. The day associated with sabbath, rest, worship.

We sit together at a rusty patio table staring out at the world around us,
husband and wife eyes opened looking for Father to join us for coffee.

Rain begins drizzling, cleansing the muck that has found its way inside my soul.
I am encouraged to let go and let Father wash it all away.

He sits deep in thought sipping his coffee waiting for Father to speak through the quiet.

Birds sit near the pond huddled together as if waiting for something big to happen.
I smile and feel a connection with them as we too sit waiting!

The playground lay empty as if families have hidden their children inside out of the mist. Breathing in the lovely scent of solitude, the beauty of His artwork it is here...

that we enter worship!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Just what I needed to read as I struggle with leaving the church we only just started to attend. Thank you and many blessings!!

  2. oh girl... this is communion. this is sanctuary. this is church. i love it. xo

  3. Love it!

    P.S. Maw-Maw read it and told me she thought it was really good, too <3

  4. I would love to be roadschooling right now. I love your blog and have given you a couple of awards.

  5. Absolutely stunning, my friend. Your heart is so beautifully exposed here and I love what I have read... Thank you for giving us a picture into your world.

  6. Thank~You for sharing, I can relate to this as well, my husband and I enjoy each others company sitting outside by the Chimenea enjoying the warmth of hearth and home.

  7. When I say warmth of hearth and home I mean it not as a place,but as a rhythm of family life and communion. :-)

  8. Lovely. Gorgeous photograph too :). It evokes the mood of your writing so well.


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