Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes, words hurt

Why does today feel so dark?

Everything is moving along smoothly.

Inspections at the new home, meeting new neighbors, all has been a blessing.

Yet my heart is heavy.

Do you know that I struggle?

I often wonder how real to be in fear of coming across as needy or being judged.

messy me.

Im tired.

Today a letter came.

I love words. Today, words hurt.

I prayed, Father give me words of grace in response.

Yes, some of the words she penned were true, laying heavy on my heart.

Pray for me as this new journey brings excitement and joy over new possibilities, it also brings pain and a hurt relationship.

Us deciding to stay means another person's hopes and dreams come to a close.


  1. Oh dear bloggy friend:)) you have spoken for so many of us trying to walk this path and keep it between the lines. Know that I heard you and you are in my prayers and also that you are exactly where The Father wants you~ weak so He can be strong. I am realizing it is okay to let it go in order to let God do His work. Keep up the good fight!


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