Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Storybook Cottage Renovations

The sink is in!!!

We debated over and over again whether or not we wanted butcher block counter tops or granite but we finally chose granite and then we had the difficult choice of which slab to go with, BOY were these decisions much harder than I thought they would be! We are thrilled with the final result...

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Sawdust is in the air as our contractor has been building cabinets and finishing up the stair shelving. So much going on right now, so exciting!



More ripping up of flooring...

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The master bedroom has ZERO carpet now and that makes me very happy! The tub is out and waiting to sit atop of hardwoods.

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  1. how exciting! your house is turning into home!

  2. Isn't it exciting to watch the whole process unfold!!! You won't regret going with under-the-counter sinks- so nice!!!!

  3. It's going to be wonderful! I cannot wait to see it!

  4. Oh Heather- I'm so happy you stopped by. I love what you are doing! Renovating old houses is one of my favorite things! I'm going to follow so I can keep up with the progress!

  5. I am loving watching your little cottage come to life. Is there a picture of the cottage some place?

    Thank you so much for your sweet words that you left at my blog. You have made my day, blessed me so much...

    Have a blessed day!


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