Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Play and Training


We are full swing into play and training. Initially I wrote puppy play and puppy training but then I realized that the pup isn't the only one being taught lessons. He isn't the only one being molded and carved.

Knowing that an end is in site has made RV life a bit harder on all of us lately as we wake up with aches and lack the hot water to shower or needing to make another laundry run yet again but we are learning, constantly reminding ourselves how blessed we truly are. Ann's book has reminded me to look for the gifts in each moment and though this doesn't come easy for me I am making progress. In the midst of another child throwing up I gave thanks for the fresca in the fridge for easing his tummy, and for the popcorn bucket aim instead of floor.

My husband and I have learned much on this journey and have survived (with a few bumps and bruises along the way :)

~The house is coming along, this week the floors will be finished and the painting begins! We are very excited about moving in and breaking bread together as a family.~


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