Monday, January 3, 2011

The Storybook Cottage- Her Bones


The cottage is in full renovation mode and I am giddy with excitement!!! In the above picture you see the stairs... where there will be shelving for the little ones shoes, eventually!

In this photo below we have the debris of tearing up the current kitchen floor. I keep reminding the house that we love her as we haul the debris away bit by bit.

I cant wait for these gorgeous wood floors to be finished!


Here are two of my favorite men right now.. my hubby on the right and our contractor on the left discussing our options and moving right along!


We FINALLY have heat at the house!
Our long term plan is to heat only using wood in the wood stove that has been ordered.

We Have Heat

I am THRILLED to share with you all the amazing table that I came across yesterday! I have been searching and searching for a 50's retro table but most are out of our price range AND only come with four chairs. I found this Vintage shop in my area and they had it, with six chairs!!!

Our new kitchen is going to be done retro so this fits perfect!!

The sweet owners are also going to hold it for us and deliver it in Feb when we move in! I cant wait!



  1. We are hitting that vintage shop together- SOON!!!! I love seeing it all come together. The shoe cubby idea is FANTASTIC!

  2. you've got great style. i LOVE the vintage table and chairs....
    hope your reno's aren't driving you (too) insane. :)


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