Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Get Away and One Week Left!!!

WoW what a wonderful weekend we had. I hope that all of you also had a weekend full of new memories and stories to tell.

We left town to visit some of our long time friends in order to get our mind off of the slow moving one week left.

I was able to sit and reminisce with my friend, get updated on all the newest news and share my heart struggles from RV life to making new friendships. It was a much needed getaway!

The kids were able to see their old doggie that these wonderful friends of ours took in as their own when our RV adventure began.


Here are some of the newest update photo's from the past week.

The new faucet has been installed!

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Our master bedroom door was built and put it, woohoo! We will actually have some privacy!

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Time Warner came by and hooked up our Internet, YaY!!

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Only one week left!! We wait longingly.



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