Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hiccups and Hotels

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I am typing this up sitting in a hotel room.

The RV wouldn't start yesterday when we went to move it over to the cottage, AFTER we cleaned out all the sewage pipes, brought the slide in and had all things secured for movement.

The painters were delayed and thus pushing the move in date back. We felt frustrated, called around for a pet friendly hotel and just chilled.

Its amazing how a night in a real bed can help you regain perspective :)

We drove back to the campground and my handy husband lay under the home on wheels pondering the riddle. A neighbor comes out to offer a hand. The men stand looking puzzled. After many prayers lifted up the key turns and that sound, oh that sound of the motor running was like music to our ears. The roads were long but we finally pulled into the cottage parking lot and parked "Boundie" until he meets his new family.

This might (hopefully) be our last night until we set up camp in the cottage. Until then I bid you farewell!


  1. Hi There, I blanket on Gabe's bed is really a sheet, is that the one you were talking about ?

  2. Its amazing how a night in a real bed can help you regain perspective..amen, sister.

  3. p.s. I am going to Relevant 2011 too! Have you been before, it's my first year! Squee.

  4. Love your blog! Very inspiring and I can't wait to see your cottage!

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