Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Imagine Yourself In A Home You LOVE!


I think that this is the first time that I really LOVE my home. Last night I sat and pondered why this was.

Was I just always discontent? No… so why now? Why here?

I think some of the reasons that it has been different this time around is because we are different. We are more content living with less so that we can enjoy the space more. Our home is no longer just a building but our retreat from the stress of the world. We wanted our home to be like taking a vacation to the mountains (our favorite place.)

Here are a few of our secrets that we did differently this time around.

When we got rid of stuff before moving into the RV I had one simple rule. If it can be replaced get rid of it because we can always get another. There were those few special items that no price tag could touch. I have kept this in mind when adding things to this home.

Add the irreplaceable!

That spindle chair in the corner that belonged to his father and was gifted years ago from the kids on father’s day. Irreplaceable.

The dollhouse made by my dad for two girls that was built big enough for that other little girl that we had hoped to adopt. It holds memories and is irreplaceable!

The rustic bunk beds that you grew up sleeping in yourself. Irreplaceable!

Why wait to stage your house until you sell?

Confession: we fell in love with HGTV while living in the RV, its the only time we ever had cable. My husband and I would sit and watch together and one day we had the conversation that it’s sad that people wait until they want to sell to make their house look beautiful. This stuck out in my head. I have enjoyed browsing DIY Home staging tips for ideas and wonderful challenges for making my house look lovelier.

Add pieces that you have spent time creating.

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in my home is the log stump that sits next to our loveseat. The stump that after I finished it I swore that I would NEVER use sandpaper again and was convinced it was from the devil. Yeah that one. I cant stop touching it now. I look at it and it makes me smile. I love that when a new person walks in my house my husband says, “did you see the table Heather made?” (Photo's and the tutorial of the table are coming once it gets stained and sealed in a couple more weeks.)

Lastly spend less than something is worth!

Trust me, you will never be able to get what you paid back in any item if you decide to sell everything and move out of the country or into an RV. :)

If you want to buy new and skip the bed bug issues that everyone is talking about you can find furniture stores going out of business. This is what we did. This is where most of our furniture came from.

Our king size bed with storage underneath… the price tag was $2,999 we paid $180 YES YOU READ RIGHT! $180.

Another thing that we took advantage of was the freight auctions.


Our washer and dryer came from there. Anything that gets “damaged” during shipping ends up at the auction. My washer and dryer have a few dings but I’m in love with them and with the price! We ended up getting the entire set with pedestals for less than just the washer at Lowes. I kinda like the dings :)

Seriously ANYONE can have a home that they love. Simply try to only bring in the pieces that you love whether that be because of the story behind them, the time you spent working on creating the piece or because you love the price tag.


  1. so glad i got to hand out with you guys friday. your home is lovely and warm. thanks for your hospitality! hugs!

  2. I've been wondering the same thing as you about this whole trend of "staging" your home as you're leaving it. I watch people buy the flooring they love & clean the clutter in order to pass the house to someone else...but live in a cluttered house they don't love until then.

  3. thank you !! The chalk board is from ikea i think is what $12 or $14 dollars...I painted it .lol of course

  4. I've been quietly reading... but just wanted to stop and tell you how much I loved this post today. :)

  5. I loved this post! Eye opener on staging and SO true! Love your new goodies too! Dings and all! :)

  6. Love the pillow:)

    sandy toe

    p.s. great advice-

  7. I am glad you found decorating ideas in my blog, Heather. Since I write about staging, not decorating, lots of what I suggest doesn't make sense for someone with no intention of moving.

    It is a shame that many people wait until it's time to leave their homes to make repairs and improvements. I think the key is to make improvements that you can take with you, as long as your infrastructure -- HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roof, etc. -- is good.

    I love your economizing tips. And I couldn't agree more that a house should be filled with the things you love and that have meaning.

  8. You know how I know you're right about how we shouldn't wait to give our homes TLC until we're selling? Twice now, I have staged a home to sell it and then taken pictures of all the rooms decluttered and spruced up for buyers. Those photos are so cool to have now...I look back at them with a sense of "oh, I loved that house, it was so sweet and so good to us." It's kind of like getting the hubby and kids dressed and groomed for family photos that you can look back on as a moment in time! LOL

    I love the DIY Home Staging Tips site. It really is true that so much of what you do/buy/craft while you're fixing up your house to appeal to buyers is stuff you can take with you to your new home. Perk!

    Can't believe the deal you got on the bed!

  9. We have repairs and touch-ups on our home that we have not tackled yet, but that we just turn a blind eye to. I know putting the house on the market would give us that push to stage it...and then, like you're saying, I wouldn't even get to enjoy the changes!

    Blah- must get around to those repairs and touch-ups... Thanks for the reminder!

  10. Thank you for commenting, I love to "meet" my readers :)

  11. Thank you :) It was a house warming gift from my old friend the Nester.

  12. Just finding more of your old posts. I would love a virtual tour of your home Heather. Do you have one posted anywhere?

  13. No, but that is a marvelous idea! Hmm must brainstorm.


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