Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sometimes You Need To Be Brave:

I have never been to a hairstylist and said, "Do whatever you want."

I have never been that bold. I'm not brave when it comes to my hair.

I decided that it was time. I had dreads for a while and was thrilled that I did something that I always wanted to do even though others had strong opinions against it.

I am still trying to break out of the people pleasing mode. I have a feeling that it will always be a bit of a struggle for me.

With permission from my hubby I called up my friend Carly that has been dying to get her hands on my hair and said go for it.

Do whatever you want.

Here is the new look for this new chapter called Bravery.



  1. Your new do turned out fab!
    Beautiful as you are! :)

  2. Looks great! Not sure why you were so worried- it's just a simple bob and looks super on you:)

  3. Looks great, but then I also love the look of your hair before, judging by your March 21 post. I'm contemplating doing something similar but don't know if I want "short" hair. How do you and hubby like it? What do your children say? Last time I had mine cut above the shoulder (years ago) my children said they liked it longer better. I don't know if I'm as brave as you.....

  4. Beautiful!!!! So Bold!! So Brave!! (From one people pleaser to another:)) Yay for you!!

  5. LOVE it. The cut looks great on you.

  6. Absolutely stunning! I love it! You are one true beauty!

  7. I came over for the first time and read your first post, I am a hairstylist and I must say...this is a great look. Good for you for stepping out and being brave to your stylists handy work. Love clients like yourself (smile) I also read several other posts and love your writings.

    Have a good day! Marlece

    (Oh, and what this gal above said is true, you are stunning!

  8. I love it! Beautiful! I have done that before- just said "Go for it"- but that was back in college. Now my hair has so much gray and with each child it's gotten coarser and wavier so it's easier to just put it up. A friend of mine is dying to get her hands on my hair and color it, but I'm not that brave. :)

  9. Gorgeous new do...I love it too! I am not brave at all when it comes to my big new change was getting bangs!!! ~Deb~

  10. Ok- LOVE it!!
    I need to be brave now, too...

  11. Beautiful!!!! So Bold!! So Brave!! (From one people pleaser to another:)) Yay for you!!

  12. Gorgeous! Hurrah for you!!! :D

  13. Thanks but I have NEVER had my hair this short so its very different for me, and for the man :)

  14. Love!

    I've always wanted a bob-type do, but it's just not for this curly haired girl.


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