Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Home Decorating Learning what you Love:


OK so I have been asked how we got here.

How we found what kind of house we wanted to have, and what our “style” was. I have even been asked if I would come over and help another person figure out their “style.”

Here’s the thing. It has nothing to do with me! I know nothing.
I am not a professional. The only decorating/style that I knew was lessons from my friends and stalking my new decorator crush's blog.

This is simply what worked for me in my journey.

I went out and bought a journal, a sketchbook to be exact. I’m a bit of a journal chic. Come over sometime and I will show them to you. My husband thinks I should put this hobby to use and teach classes about it but I’m too much of an introvert for that. Father would have to make it SUPER obvious before I stood up in from of a crowd!

I put the word out to all my friend that I wanted their leftover magazines. Once they were in my house I immediately went through them (without reading) and ripped out the pages/images that made me ooooh and ahhhh. I did not do much thinking here just turned and ripped, flipped a few more pages and ripped.

When I had a few spare moments I then went through the gorgeous photos, cut and pasted them into my sketchbook.

I checked out decorating books from the library on different styles: Country, Shabby, Romantic, you name it, I requested them online and took them home. I did read many of these and took notes in my sketchbook. I filled in the empty spaces.

After a while, the big black book began to take a form all on its own. Similarities began to appear. The photos had connections, unbeknownst to me. The white walls, the rustic wood tables, chippy paint.

My style began to introduce herself to me. I began to figure out what it was that I loved.

I would also like to say that with three children I had to make a few sacrifices. I am not the only one living in the house. The girls wanted purple walls and my little man wanted blue. They will be here a few more years so we let them have a say ☺

Also, my husband wanted a recliner (my man is 6 foot 4 and in order for him to have one that fit his height it would have been ginormous *yes I just made up a word*) instead we met in the middle and got couches and a love seat with built in recliners.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice and let the kiddos lend a hand in order for that peaceful environment that you hope to create to actually come into existence.

*working on something special, stay tuned*


  1. love the sketchbook idea...would love to see yours too (i'm coming over)! i have pages and pages of inspiration pics that need a home so this will go on my "to do" list too! ~deb~

  2. I love the idea of the sketchbook instead of saving all the magazines that have just a few pages you are interested in. I want our RV to be cute and I'm already thinking how to accomplish that. At the same time, I want to wait a year before doing anything to it. I'm kind of tired of remodeling after living in this house and making so many improvements. We'll see if I can hold for that long once we move into the RV.

  3. I just started this! I did the magazine cut-outs to journal for my wedding....but lately I've read so many good ideas here and there for decorating that I decided if I wrote some of them down I might actually do it!

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