Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Editor-She Marks In Red

When my writing instructor suggested that I find a nit-picky editor, I knew exactly who that person was going to be.


I thought of her instantly because for years, I would send her my articles after I thought that I had perfected them, and she would send them back to me all marked in red, usually with a sweet comment about the content. She has a gift, a love for commas and semicolons. I am not the only one that has seen her talent. The church that she attends uses her to edit their camp curriculum.

I debated keeping her a secret.


I knew that there were other writing friends out there that might be able to benefit from this talent that Father had given her. I finally suggested that she offer her services to others. So, I talked her into buying a domain name and business cards. This is her dream; it was time that this homeschool graduate with a passion for the written word, put herself out there.

I had finally finished writing my eBook and called to see if she had the time and would be interested in being my official editor. We sent the documents back and forth (and even used this as an excuse to get coffee on multiple occasions). In a short time, my final draft sat waiting for me in my inbox.

I would not have had the guts to publish this eBook without her. The experience was very pleasant and she comes highly recommended from me...

not because she is my friend,
or even a homeschool graduate :)

but because she is really good at what she does!

Please take some time to check out her website, befriend her on Twitter and use this as an opportunity to write those words that you are afraid to write because of possible imperfections.


  1. I love you too, sweet sister. And if we're going to talk about "guts" to do something, let me just say that you have inspired me and given me courage to pursue this editing dream. Thank you, thank you.

  2. Iron sharpens Iron! I seriously couldn't have done it without you. :)

    See, I remembered to put a period at the end of the above sentence and not just a smiley face.

  3. Hi Rambling Heather,

    Thanks for sharing your sister-in-law. I'm working on writing a photography book, this is perfect timing!

  4. So fun, I am a big fan of photography books! Keep me posted so that I can get my copy when it comes out :)

  5. Aww! Love this! What a sweet blessing to have in your life!


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