Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We Have A Winner

The Winner of the Totally Awesome Starbucks Tumbler is... Erin Crisci. Congrats Erin, hope you enjoy many caramel cappuccinos :)

And now, "Seduced by Simplicity."

With the encouragement from my dreamer husband, and my Nester friend I finally wrote the book. In this book you will hear about some of the ways that we had to simplify when our RV adventure began, but also the ways that we continue to simplify our lives, after moving into our cottage.

This book will not be a book of should or should not’s, it will simply be the way that this eclectic family has chosen to live, simply. Once we were seduced by simplicity, our lives were changed forever.

You will be able to purchase my book on Monday, woohoo!

It will be available as an eBook download for you to read on your computer, or print off and bind if your prefer.

We are offering you this practical eBook, Seduced by Simplicity for $5.97

A few of the topics covered within:

~How you can downsize your stuff yet keep your house.

From bookshelves to closets and kitchens.

~How our children make money the simple way.

Since we don’t pay an allowance.

~Menu planning that ads fun and creativity to your day.

~ And so much more!

After reading the book, here is what one woman has said,

"Approached by a world of more, and faster, and bigger, Heather shakes her head in response and instead lets go- of things, of excess, of even what some would say are necessities. Simplicity is what so many, myself included, are drawn to and yet rarely give in to in any real and lasting way. "Seduced by Simplicity" poses questions- quietly, humbly, as if by a close friend sitting with us at our kitchen table- and causes us to rethink all that we believe is needed for a content life. Dig deeply and decide for yourself if you will follow the path of less. This is an easy, gentle read, one that will work on your heart in meaningful ways."



  1. I'm so excited! And proud of you. I've been telling everyone I know <3

  2. Cool! That looks like an interesting read.

  3. I hope it will be enjoyed and inspire others!

  4. Enjoy your hot coffee Erin!
    Rambling Heather, well done to your visionary husband on encouraging you to I look forward to your story. It can be loaded onto my Kindle, right?

  5. I am hoping, we tried formatting it for the Kindle this morning but its a bit of a complicated process. Prayers :)

  6. Your book sounds wonderful Heather, exactly what I'm looking for!How can I get a copy?

  7. I will have the link up on Monday and you can grab it right here :)

  8. Thanks again so much for the tumbler! I am so so excited! Looking forward to your ebook as well! We live in a small house so simplicity is key for us!

  9. Wonderful! Thanks so much!

  10. Thank YOU! Love the pic by the way :)

  11. It went out today! Cant wait to hear your thought on it. I adore mine :)

  12. What a nice blog layout you have!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting (Random Thoughts: On Distance). I think that the simple life sounds like an awesome adventure. :)

  13. Hey sweet Heather, Congratulations on your new book! I'm so excited for you and so proud of you!
    Bless you, my friend!

  14. P.S. Is your blog on blogger? If so, can you tell me how to set up my comments to reply like you have???

  15. Yay-just got the travel mug in the mail today! Can't wait to try it out! Thanks again so much-this made my week!

  16. Julie, I recently switched to Disqus so that I can respond to specific comments. I am very pleased with them so far! I think you can click on the Disqus link above where the comments start and set up your own profile and add your site/switch over if you desire. It was fairly easy though for a moment, I was worried that I had lost my previous comments but it just took a little while to transfer over. Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to help as best as I can :)

  17. I have a feeling you are going to LOVE it :)

  18. Again, you rock! :) Great job!


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