Monday, May 30, 2011

5 Reasons To Take Your Kids To A Homeschool Conference!

This was the first year that we brought our children to the conference and we WILL be doing it again for these five reasons:

1.) "So, all these people homeschool?" My kids were able to see for themselves that we aren't the only crazy family that homeschools their children.

2.) "There are guns and swords!" I counted three vendors that had swords and so called boy toys. This made my heart swell, I love to see other little boys being boys!

3.) "Being a wife and mom is hard work." There were a few sessions that my husband and I went to separately. One was called Stand By Your Man by Racheal Carman. My son went with my husband to a homeschool dad session and the girls joined me. It was great to have them hear speakers talking about having a heart for family.

4.) "Books are everywhere!" Mommy isn't the only one that likes to shop for books, oh the options. If you need to help encourage a reader this is the way! My middle daughter doesn't usually choose to spend her money on books but this weekend she found two that she really wanted. I was thrilled!

5.) "I want to do this." They are involved and can give you their opinion on the curriculum you choose for the next year. My son was interested in a new reading program that is more visual called IntelliSense. He couldn't stop messing with the alphabet spy cards!


  1. Ah... the home school conference... how I remember thee

  2. I LOVE it! All very good reasons!  I can't wait to take my hubby to one of these one year! 

  3. Oh you should!  My husband really enjoys it.  The male speakers are so encouraging with specific dad sessions.  

  4. Heather,

    So good to hear from you! Mike says your house is SO cute. My email address is wrensnest01


  5. WooHoo I'm sending you an invite right now!


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