Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do You Know The FlyLady?

I sat twiddling my thumbs wondering, what detox topic shall I discuss next? I decided cleaning would be perfect, since as moms we often spend lots of time scrubbing the bathrooms, the sink and now... those fingerprints left on the stainless appliances, Oi!

I want to begin by mentioning this site that I often visited as a new wife and homemaker. It helped me when I needed that extra boost:

FlyLady- This woman CHANGED my life. Newly married, someone suggested her website to me and I am so glad!

She taught me how to keep a house clean, one baby step at a time. It all started with an easy step: shining my sink. I love sharing about FlyLady to newbies and seeing how excited they get after visiting her site!

Do you know the FlyLady?

A brief word about products:

I used to spend lots of time (and $) trying out new cleaning products. The scents can be so enticing! To be honest though, I have found that warm water seems to work best on most things. I bought a few name brand stainless cleaners (wont mention them here) but each one left smears. Though I was in love with their scents, none produced a very worthy result.

Now, I just wipe my fridge down with a wet rag and it gets all shiny and perfect.


  1.  I used Flylady a while back too, but got away from it after a while.  Love her ideas!

  2. Confession:  I don't put my shoes on upon waking. Just never been much of a shoe person. :)  I do try to shine my sink though.

  3. I love FlyLady, too! The one thing I always do is shine my sink every night. The one thing I almost never do is wear shoes at home. Just can't get into that (except for workouts)!  The rest I try to do as regularly as I can. Just focusing on keeping a routine is one of the most helpful things I ever learned.


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