Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why We Boycott Mother's Day...


Next Sunday is Mothers Day.

I know many men and children are already shopping for that perfect gift to get their mamas, but not in my house.

Perhaps "boycott," is a strong word.. I still call my mom and wish her a wonderful day, but that is the extent of it.

I count down to that day in hesitation.

Maybe I should start from the beginning: Here's why we/I boycott Mother's Day:

Mother's Day 2008:

Our dogs went missing, only one came back. After spending the day looking for the other one, my husband decided to let our male dog lead him on a walk--he led him right to her, on the side of the road.

We experienced loosing the first animal that we had ever become attached to.

Mother's Day 2009:

We decided it was time that I jumped on the bicycle band wagon. All my children were riding without training wheels and the itch to get into mountain biking began to creep up on me.

We searched Craigslist and found the perfect bike.

It was my perfect size, my favorite color and decently priced. We met the man, purchased the bike and strapped it on our bike rack along with the others. 1/2 mile from the trail that we were to ride, with a picnic lunch all packed up for the great day away, I look in the mirror outside my window, and see my new bike bouncing behind our vehicle, being run over, and laying in a heap of metal on the side of the road.

We took it to a bike shop and it was officially given a time of death :)

Mother's Day 2010:

This isn't necessarily a bad thing since our story is here because of it, but this is when my husband brought up the idea of RV life. Don't get me wrong, I would not go back if you paid me money to the way that our life was beforehand but on that day...

I was not a happy mama.

These things make me wonder, what's coming next? I had a friend tell me that I needed to lock everyone inside, don't drive anywhere, and keep the oven turned off in case the house decides to burn down.

I joke, but part of me thinks that her idea isn't a bad one. I know that my babies love me, they show me this each and every day. I also know that my Father is Sovereign and has a plan for each thing that occurs within the story that He is writing for us. I still plan on staying in though. :)

Hopefully Mother's Day is kinder to you. What do you have planned on that special day?


  1. i can see the reason for the word "boycott". wow! the past few years we have had vomiting kids on mother's day. not the best gift for that day! sounds like you deserve a day away at a spa this year?

  2. Wow! Your memory is amazing! I tend to forget things and then I think "what's the point of taking me anywhere if I forget in a few months or days." I, like you, normally just call my mom on mother's day. But this year, I was thinking about sending her flowers. Just cause she feels special and she likes flowers. We'll see. For me, the best gift that my family can give me it's to be able to sleep in and wake up, eat, and then take a nap. Ha! basically sleeping is my best gift.
    I don't know if I'll be able to receive this gift this year since my house is on the market. Unless I get an offer and we sign a contract this week. That would be fabulous!

  3. This way your expectations are so low that pretty much anything will be a plus! I do wish you a Happy Mother's day (shhhhhh, don't tell)

  4. Oh, no, what a crummy track record Mother's Day has in your house! :P For us, Mother's Day is always Jason's university's graduation ceremony- a wonderful Mother's Day gift for those mothers of the graduates but no fun for us wives of faculty. Hmph. I get a little grumpy about it! ;) But the kids shower kisses on me to make up for it!

  5. catching title. my birthday is the day before mother's day this year - it is always super close, so usually we just combine the two together. i can see why you are not looking forward to the day - hopefully it is better this year.

    my recent post: david wilkerson and a call to anguish

  6. Sounds like you deserve a day away at a spa this year too. :)

  7. Putting your house on my prayer list, what a great Mothers day gift that would that be! It could happen, don't lose hope.

  8. Thank you for the well wishes, it will be our little secret.

  9. You are hilarious! I really hope this year you have a PERFECT Mother's Day. As for me, this Mother's Day falls the day after my Dad's 58th birthday. My brother is home for a few weeks so we will be spending the entire weekend gathered around MY mom and hopefully making her day brighter.

  10. Oh my! I hope this year is much calmer and restful for you! It's my birthday, with volunteering at church and my husband working, not much planned =]

  11. Well I hope you have the best Mother's Day deserve it! Love your new profile pic too btw!

  12. I totally get your banish mothers day, i have had wonderful mothers days and the most cutest hand made cards but in all, i feel blessed everyday by my babes that i don't feel i need a special day for it. There are so many mothers that work so hard and are so busy doing, doind, doing that it is a nice time for them to switch off, relax and be spoilt but since i have a disability and my kids help take care of me i feel spoilt and relaxed everyday. ( not when they are fighting mind) Great post.

  13. yes this year will be better we will make sure:)

  14. it must have been terrible one year your dog dies second year your bike days third year your house is sold a lot to take in :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  15. So what is the movie marathon going to consist of?

  16. Goodness...those are some stories indeed. So sorry about your dog...and your bike...but mostly your dog.

  17. I hope that you end up enjoying your family, all together. Its wonderful that your brother is coming home, what a blessing!


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