Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's Talk Foreign Language...

We have many friends from other countries. This year in our schooling we are really going to focus on teaching our children a second language. We decided to take a poll..

We asked our friends from:


Guess what?! They ALL said, "Teach them German." Even our Romanian friends are sending their children to a German (only) speaking school so that their kiddos will be able to speak it. So.. for your pleasure, here are some comical reasons why you too should teach your kids German. We will be!


  1. I was in I.B. for 9 years, studying German intensively. Love, love, love German! though, in the States, I really never have a use for it...

  2. How fun Anne Marie!  We are planning a trip in 2012 to visit friends of ours in Germany and so we hope that our kids will fall in love with the people and the country to make it more personal for them!

  3. mandi@herbanhomesteadJune 28, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    This has been a source of much thought for our family as well.  We are in Texas, where we have billboards and street signs in Spanish. Not to mention many neighbors who only speak Spanish.  So naturally we have leaned towards teaching Spanish.  Why did they all recommend German?  I'm truly curious from the perspective as one who is trying to figure out what to teach next year!!!

  4. We love German here and Jason and I have spent significant time in Austria.  We're even planning on living over there for a year when Jason has his next sabbatical- 5 years.  So Colin's learning and the other will follow!

  5. I want to know German... not so sure I want to learn it ;P

  6. From what they tell me, German is the most used language (behind English) when it comes to the international business world.  I struggled with this too because logically my kids would use Spanish the most but since all their above mentioned foreign friends know how to speak German (in addition to English) they will be able to speak to them also and not just to us.  We also hope to visit our friends in Germany in 2012 to add to the love for the language and people.  It's such a hard choice, would love to know what you end up deciding.  I think as long as the love for the language is in the kids any choice is the right choice.

  7. I did not know this!!  How awesome.  We can attempt to speak some in July to one another :)

  8. Oh it's so much fun!  I'm already loving learning it.  I just picked up a poetry book in German that I will be translating into English so that I can catch on a bit more.  The next time you come to our place there will probably be vocab words taped to everything :)

  9. Oh my goodness! I was watching the video and I was like "I've been there!" it reminded me of a place I've been. I taught Spanish for the Concordia Language Village! this was long time ago. Before I was married and I was a little Mexican living in Mexico. I flew all the way from Mexico to go and teach at the Concordia Language Village. What a great experience I had! I wouldn't send my girls there, though.

  10. FUN!  I've been amazed at the responses that I have gotten from this post.  Here I was thinking that people were going to think me crazy for deciding to teach my kiddos German.  Thanks for the encouragement.  

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