Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's Talk Science:

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Sometimes you just need to go with what your kids are wanting to explore...

Ours wanted to experiment with dry ice.

YES this is school and YES it was SO MUCH FUN!!



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~Keep in mind that you must wear gloves when handling the ice in order not to get burnt!~


  1. So cool!  I love your pictures.  And Caleb's "ring".  I still think that is the coolest idea ever!

  2. YUP!  It hurts

    Love dry ice... but don't drink it or you'll die

  3. I can't wait until

  4. Although I am still hashing out my last few years of college I am so looking forward to the days when I can at last have children and homeschool them. I feel certain I will learn and have just as much as fun as they do. What a wonderful, blessing it is to be able to grow and learn alongside children.


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