Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest Post By: Hannah

A Review Of Our First Two Weeks Back To School:

On our first day of School we all got candy, I got jelly beans :)

Cayla got dark chocolate and Isaiah got Swedish fish candy. It's a tradition that mommy and daddy have always done on the first day of a new school year.

This year, I am in the fourth grade.

I'm reading Misty of Chincoteague, Cayla is reading Freckles.

I have a blue binder, Cayla has a green binder and Isaiah has a gray binder. Cayla and I have a spelling bee every Friday. I LOVE the spelling bee time!

We are learning German and I know how to count to 12 in German:

eins 1
zwei 2
drei 3
vier 4
funf 5
sech 6
sieben 7
ocht 8
neun 9
zehn 10
elf 11
zwolf 12.

We are also memorizing Bible verses every week, last week are Bible verse was ...

"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." psalms 1 19 :11.

In our history we drew a map of the roman empire and we also drew a barbarian, I drew my barbarian with blue skin. I am doing this for school, and I like it.


  1. This makes me smile. Go Hannah! Another budding writer in the family? :)

  2. That's awesome!  Great job Hannah

  3. Cute! Years ago I attempted to learn German when I spent some time abroad so this was a fun flashback. Now all I can remember however is "Meine Deutsch ist nicht so gut :(" hehe

  4. What a great start to the schoolyear!  Thanks for the post Hannah!

  5. I have a Hannah too, she is 9yrs old. :) I was wondering what you all do for the spelling bee? I am always looking for fun ideas to add to our homeschool.

  6. Well, I usually pick out their words and have them practice with one another during the week. On Friday they recite to the family as if in a Spelling Bee.  They love it.  

  7. That German is pretty good :)  It's been hard since the hubby and I are learning along with them.  I'm hoping to get my hands on a Rosetta Stone used program.  Fingers Crossed :)

  8. Thanks, Heather! My girls enjoy spelling in front of daddy, but we haven't made it a weekly routine, that is probably a good idea. :)


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