Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Love Our Homeschool Field Trips!

We are always up for a good field trip. Last week we ventured out to the Science Museum. Since we are studying Flying Creatures in science this was the perfect introduction to get us all excited.

Birds, Butterflies and oh the owls that they had!!

Here are a few pictures documenting this perfect day:

The first thing that everyone wanted to do was to visit the butterfly conservatory. Talk about beauty!

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There was a new section called the Dinosaur walk with life size Dinos on the trail. The kids had a chance to try their hand at digging up bones.


We also got to do an experiment on stomach acid and the best antacids for relief. The kids all loved this!


We imagined what it would be like traveling in space:


Saw icky creepy crawly critters, gave mommy goosebumps.



We even had some down time to build our very own village:



  1. What a fun trip!

  2. Ick! Each time I see bugs like that I start getting little tickles, head to toe. What a fun day though! :)


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