Monday, September 19, 2011

Reflecting On Story and Adventure


This past week, we have all been a little bit reflective.

Perhaps it's in the air as temperature slowly drops and I glance at the sweaters in my closet, hopeful. Knitting needles that sit in the corner call out to me to pick them up, play, create.

Perhaps it's because of our conversations. The husband and I, on the couch with coffee in hand where we talk about finding balance between a job you love and a job that provides. It's here that we reflect.

Perhaps it was the time we spent roaming lost in a maze with family. Was it there amidst decisions and wondering do we turn left, right, or keep moving forward. Was in then that I began thinking. Wondering. Remembering.


We study and look forward to our new adventures, but we've been remembering the ones from where we have come. This week I think we all missed it a little. We missed the thrill that the road, the unknown brought us.

We began to miss the freedom. The quietness. The desire to loosen our grip: not be tied down to job or things or place.

We miss that slowness of life. We miss the people we met, heard their stories and then said goodbye to as they travelled to make more.

I sit here wondering, how can I cultivate this kind of life here. In our little cottage. How do I get things to slow down? What adventures are we to live? What story is being written?


  1. Amen to that!

  2. Enjoy the penmanship of our King... He is the author, my sweet friend. Bath in the adventure :)

  3. Your pictures and your words always bring a soothing  joy~ and much pondering:))

  4. Enjoyed your thoughts and story Heather. I'm excited to see your dreams of writing bringing enjoymentand blessings to so many people. Love it!  Your Aunt Debbie Love you 

  5. I will be in prayer for you, my friend, as you try to figure this out.  Follow the true rest...sit in His lap and lay your head on His shoulder.  Listen to His heart and find where you should be.  You are showing me, yet again, how I need also to slow myself.  So hard for me...


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