Friday, September 30, 2011

{This Moment}


I know this is supposed to be a photo without words. Today, my photo needs them. It needs the words. Men and women huddled around listening (hoping not to cry) as he tells his story, his "Once Upon A Time" and shares the moments he met each and every one.

Today... we said good-bye. With a time limit up, our friend travels back to his home in France.

He will be missed by his friends. He will be missed by my children. He will be missed especially by my husband. Men often have a hard time making friends but these two...

they were like brothers, like family.

It's going to be hard to adjust to life without this "fairy" around.

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  1. it's always so nice to have friends and family around, i also hate to see them leave!
    i love your picture and like that you added a few words. have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you.  It was hard to say good-bye and hard to put up the picture remembering the event but we must remember.  We must cling to those we love.

  3. thanks for your comment.  It's always sad saying goodbye to close ones.  

    Take Care,


  4. I think you needed to have that bit of commentary, made me feel goosebumps.  It's always hard to say goodbye and you can see the emotion in this moment :)

    Almost There - This Moment

  5. heartbreaking. saying good bye to close friends is so hard. 

    thanks for the visit! i am loving your blog!


  6. I am sorry for your loss.  Now, the step is to look forward to your trip this coming year to see him!

  7. What a touching moment.  So glad you used your words to explain the photo.  Hope your friend has a safe trip back to France :)

  8. We sponsored a Fresh Air Fund child for ten days this summer and my heart broke when we had to say goodbye to him.  He's only less than an hour away from us so we are actually having him come to stay with us again for Columbus weekend.  Not so easy to do when you live in France.  : (   Thanks for sharing your moment with us.
    Don't you just love how this has given us all the opportunity to catch
    a glimpse into each other's life? Have a peaceful and safe weekend. :

    ~ Wendy

    (for my moment) 

  9. Thanks for the explanation--otherwise I would have never guessed that!  Safe travels for the young man,
    Sarah M

  10. Such a bittersweet time for you- celebration of memories as you say goodbye.  What a blessing that you were all able to share that with each other!

  11. What a very special moment, Thank you for sharing. A touch of melancholy and a lot of joy for spending the time you did. He will always be a part of your life.

  12. It's very difficult to say Good Bye to loved ones.  I hope that he has a safe trip back to France and that you all are able to keep in touch.

  13. Sorry i am a bit late in visiting.  Your photo is great - so animated and a true to life moment.  Your words just set the scene beautifully. x


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