Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making The Most Of Slow.. Or Should I Say Sick.

Things have been moving a bit slow around our household lately. We have been battling some icky colds, here are a few glimpses into what life has been like for us Matterns the past week in Instagram Photo's :) Yes I'm addicted to my iPhone camera and Instagram!

Lot's of OJ consumption... trying to keep from contacting the sniffles. (Not working.)


Boredom from being constrained indoors in order to keep others from getting sick, we stay sane through hooping outside and taking outdoor picnics.

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Rest! Even Montag has been a bit on the lazy side!


And yes.. some motorcycle time as a couple.



  1. I LOVE that photo of your little guy sleeping on the cute! Do you have any powered Vit C you could put in your OJ. It seems to be the only thing stout enough to keep me from getting sick. Oh, and a nettie pot can work wonders. Hope you're having a wonderful Monday! Barefoot Mama

  2. So sad to hear that. Seems like everywhere people catches colds easily. But Vit C always plays a big role into preventing it. Hopefully your family will do better soon.

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