Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Week In Photos:

A math book was completed, and new math adventure began.

Finishing a Math Book

Time was spent doing one of our favorite things: hanging out downtown.

Hanging Around Downtown

We met a new creature that became a new friend.

Finding New Friends

We surprised a friend for her birthday.


We searched together to capture morning light for a photography class currently being taken.

searching for light

We cuddled up in front of the wood stove each night.



  1. Cuddling in front of the wood stove...lovely:) 

    We are installing a really old wood stove in our living room this year..yay! We still need to purchase one for the upstairs. Where did you get yours? I like it:)

  2. had me at "wood stove." Now you will survive if a meteor hits the moon-LOL. Remember that awesome book?!

  3. Funny you mention that.. Cayla just finished reading all three in the series and loved it.  She said the third was close up their with the first.  We both weren't crazy about the second book.  :)  

  4. Fun and beautiful. I'm going to enjoy looking around your blog -- RVing? unschooling? I think I'm going to like this. ;)


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