Monday, November 7, 2011

This Weekend We Had "Church"


This weekend, I spent time remembering....

Standing with my husband, we spent time laughing, remembering, and celebrating friendship at a very special wedding. My friend was marrying her soul mate.

I thought of the years that I had spent with her. Two boy-crazy teens, obsessed with poetry and goofiness.

I thought of all that she taught me.

I was nervous to meet my past there. The old me, and those that thought of me as "her." The judgmental religious girl. Yes, that was me. But I had to go. I had to be with her on this day.

It was her that taught me to love poetry.

It was her that taught me that two people can be friends and yet complete opposites.

It was her that taught me to be brave, to be myself.

It was her that first told me, "he's the one Heather," about this guy that I was falling in love with.

It was her that taught me what the love of Father looks like.

It was her that held my gaze 12 years ago, while doing my make-up, and helped prepare me to walk towards my soul mate.

This weekend was one of reconciliation for me. Renewal. Forgiveness. Newness.

"I'm sorry I didn't try to get to know you better back then," I told one of them. She hugged me and said it's OK.

"I was so judgmental back then," I told another as we sat talking about church, God, art, and love for other people.

My husband and I had wonderful conversations, regarding some things that we had never discussed because fear has a way of hindering conversations. "I think it was the best road trip yet baby." :)

This weekend, we had "church."

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  1. I absolutely love this photo, this story, this heart shared here!  I could have written these words too to some degree.  Sometimes I shudder to think of the woman I once was with all my "knowledge".  I wish people could see me now, sometimes so that they would know there is a God who truly transforms lives from the inside out!  Loved this... absolutely

  2. How beautiful, Heather.  Such healing...and I'm so proud of you for "becoming" something new and better in your journey toward Christ-likeness.  

  3. This touched me deeply.  The judgmental religious girl could have been me.  It's amazing what God will teach you through others.  I'm glad you wrote this story. 

  4. yes this is church - yes such a great post

  5. nice...we need more of that church in our cool on the convos you and you hubby had...those are freeing...

  6. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your heart dear heather. and the tats in this picture. i'm very much a fan of tattoos. and i would very much like to do church with you someday. let's, okay?

  7. yes i could have been the haughty religious girl, too. and now i'm tatted up and living on grace. who knew? i think He did. i want this church experience.

  8. Very sweet.  Should be "it was she" tho.....

  9. i used to be a judgmental religious girl. :-( i shrink to see all that i did; i even had an element of pride over losing friends because i stood for "truth".



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