Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 Tips On Creating SIMPLE Holiday Decor

Have you ever tried to do Christmas from scratch?

I'm talking zero ornaments, no star, wreath or anything Holiday? (Yeah... some of you remember that we sold everything we owned and spent last Christmas living the RV life)


It's not been easy I tell you!! Especially since we want to stay Seduced by Simplicity.

So how did we improvise this year yet still keep to the heart of our simple living goals?

I'll share our secrets with you :)

The Biggest Tip of all is to laugh at your mistakes! If you mess up and string the lights wrong or your star won't fit on the top of the tree and you end up zip tying it after having exhausted all other options including giving the tree a haircut. Just smile and go with the flow.


O.K now for the "official" tips:

1.) A Christmas Tree is a must, and if you can afford it.. a real one! (Less storage needed.) Even if no other Christmas decorations are inside your house, if you have a tree-- all eyes flow to the magical subject.

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2.) Buy the cheap lights. We go for the ones that twinkle.

3.) Who needs ornaments when you have tons of Christmas cards that keep coming in the mailbox. USE THESE as ornaments! My kids get so excited to see a new card, they rip it open, talk about the cute family photo and stick the picture or cards from our friends in our tree. We get to think of our friends and family during the season instead of Disney characters or colored balls. (I did buy one small box of the colored ornaments so the kids could hang "something" while waiting for cards to come.)


4.) Stockings aren't cheap.. buy the cheap $1.00 ones and let your little ones decorate them with puffy paint. Its so much fun to do as a family and significantly cheaper. They also store better since they fold right up.


5.) Lastly.. play from the senses. Think: Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste.

Sight: Tree
Smell: Tree if it's real :) or Holiday Candle if not.
Sound: Pandora Christmas Music Playing.
Touch: Warmth from a fire.
Taste: It's cookie time, Gingerbread, Sugar Cookies, etc.

Staying Warm

Do you have any other simple holiday decor tips? If so, do share, we are always on the look-out. :)

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  1. These are all fabulous tips!! I think your Christmas decor turned out quite lovely!

  2. Heather, one thing that I did to personalize our tree this year was to hang our own family photos. I simply picked a bunch of my fave images of my family and converted each one to b&w and printed them in a small 3x4ish size onto beige textured cardstock. Then I cut them out with antique patterned CM scissors (i think I may have gotten those from u back in the day, lol). After I cut them out I poked a hole thru the top and strung it up using simple twine. It looks absolutely beautiful and is by far one of my favorite parts of our tree (along with my new-so ruffle tree skirt I made)! Everyone loves it and it was so simple and really makes it personal!

  3. I totally love the idea of using Christmas cards from friends as decorations on the tree! I totally pinned that! :) Love these ideas - Christmas isn't really about the decorations anyways but they are always fun to have, look at, smell, feel, hear and touch. Great post!

  4. Thank you!!  What a sweet compliment.  Thanks for sharing it on Pinterest!

  5. Thank you Hana!!  I totally love this idea.  I'm going to have to try this next year.  Love it.

  6. Why thank you Sarah! We make it work :) 

  7. I love your simple Christmas!  I think it makes things less stressful.  Your Christmas card idea is great and who couldn't love Pandora?  I'm listening to it as I type :-) Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your simple Christmas!

  8. This is beautiful!  It is often the simplest things about the season of Christmas that make the biggest impact.  I like the idea of still being able to make those memories wherever your are...whether in a home or RV!  Inspiring ideas of contentment.  Something we could all use more of this season.  Thanks for sharing!

  9. Natural is always nice... a bowl of oranges, a platter of stacked pine cones, a table with green boughs.

    I love the idea of decorating stockings! I think I'll do that next year!

  10. LOVE the idea of Christmas cards to decorate the tree!

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