Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Saint Nicholas Day!!

This is our third year celebrating St. Nicholas Day. This German tradition will remain for years to come within our little cottage.

Upon waking the kids rush to where the stockings are hung to see what goodies were within.

St. Nicholas Day

This year we had some special items that were handmade from Caroline G Bows. What a winner these were. Thanks sweet friend!



My little man was thrilled to find his favorite snack within his stocking. Beef Jerky. This dude can eat some jerky.

Stocking Stuffer

Interested in reading more about St. Nicholas and this festival check out this website. My kids read his story as the holiday season draws near and they know what a good man he was and that we like to keep his story alive by giving celebrating this fun day.


  1. Just lovely :) I've not heard of celebrating St. Nicholas Day - thanks for some fun links to check out!!

  2. One son and husband would eagerly and happily join him!  My son is getting beef jerky in his stocking this year too.


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