Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Memories From Last Week

I like to document our days via pictures. It's a great reminder to keep my eyes open and see the moments, freezing them forever.

Here are a few moments from past week:

Skating. Such fun, it brings back so many childhood memories.


The little man is making huge reading progress. This week he finished his huge goal and was able to earn a little surprise.


The Christmas shopping is in full swing. When things get crowded, we hit the used bookstores. There's nothing better than some Dunkin Coffee, time as a family and a used bookstore.


Ready? Big news. I have begun the daunting process of putting together a book proposal. Hoping to have this project mailed out by March. I have a wonderful publishing company in mind that I'm going to be sending it to and will keep all of my readers updated. :)


The family found a really cool park with rocks to climb. All of us made it to the top. Including Mommy. We will be spending lots of time here in the future.



  1. That is really, really exciting news!! Congrats! Do you just send them what you have in mind? 

    Oh, your photos are lovely especially the last one...love it! ~ Barefoot Mama

  2. I'm supposed to send out a detailed outline plus the first there (ready for publication) chapters.  I'm super nervous about it all. :)

  3. I just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Check it out here:

    Blessings & Happy Holidays,

  4. how fun and exciting that you are moving forward on writing a book! have a great christmas with your family!

    my recent post: 12 tips for saving money on good food

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