Sunday, December 4, 2011

Watercolor Lessons

Here are some iPhone pics and tips of our friend teaching us art:

Lessons in Watercolor:

Tip 1: Find an inspiring "thing" to draw. Start with a pencil.

Lessons On Watercolor

Tip 2: Use the paint directly from the tube, dip your paintbrush inside. Remember: Water is the main ingredient. It's magical.

Tip 3: Wet a rag and blot an image to erase it if you mess up.


Tip 4: Have confidence and believe in yourself.



  1. That's beautiful!!  Is that your umbrella?  

  2. so fun! that is a great painting of an umbrella... my girls would love that!

  3. Awesome. I would totally frame that umbrella and hang it in my house!!

  4. So sweet for you to say that.  We had a lot of fun creating.  I'm determined to keep the watercolors as a part of our life.  We all had a blast!

  5. Coolest pictures I've seen in a while. I'm off to make myself one. Love it <3


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