Thursday, January 19, 2012

Talking To Strangers

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Things have been quiet on this website lately but I remind myself that, just like I'm learning from words on my other site that, different isn't bad...

quiet isn't bad either.

Today has been a magical day in our house. I shouldn't be surprised though, with breathing in fresh air, climbing trees, picnicking together, and talking to strangers.

Yet, I'm still amazed.

It's good to constantly be amazed.

Meeting other "earthy crunchy" women (as one man recently named me) and watching them let their kids play as mine do rather than giving me glances of disapproval as they watch my son go higher and higher.

I'm excited about the possibility of another new community. A community of relaxed homeschoolers, and their free play life that they appear to envelop.

I watch my brave son and am reminded to step out of my comfort zone. After all, it's OK to talk to strangers.


  1. Our children play the same way, though I can learn a lot from you when it comes to freer schooling.  :)  I'm always the one letting my kids climb trees while the neighbor parents tell theirs to get down.  I'm proud of the fearlessness in my boys (Maddy is a bit less so, by her choice!) even though my mom's heart is sometimes in my throat!  :)

  2. Caution is not a bad word, spoken from a Mother/GranMother.

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