Tuesday, March 27, 2012

His Words: My knife collection

Working on hoop birthday gifts

My first knife was a "man tool" from my grandpa. I was four. It had a small knife, a file, and pliers all together. Back then, mommy let me carve soap into shapes. The first time was around Valentines Day and I carved pink hearts for all the girls. It was fun and easy.

I have many knives now. I think twelve. My second knife was a Swiss Army Knife. I got it from my daddy. It was red, my favorite color.

A lot of people are surprised when they know that I have knives but my daddy taught me how to use them the right way.

~It's better to learn by cutting away from yourself.

There are many types of knives with different blades. I think the best knife for a boy my age (I'm 8) to start out with is a Swiss Army Knife that locks open so that if you are carving something it doesn't shut on you.


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