Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Then Became A Mad Woman

We've been out of our RV (YES surprisingly I miss it) and in our little cottage for almost a year now. My focus has always leaned a bit on the Simple side which is why I wrote an eBook about our story but let me tell you...

It creeps in without you even realizing it.

What you ask? THE CLUTTER! I was so thankful that this week's challenge from one of my favorite blogs was to get rid of 7 bags in 7 days.

{{I've got to admit I felt a bit like I didn't fit in this challenge since, well, you know... I'm the simplicity girl. WRONG!}}

I began the process simply going through the hall closet because I knew of a few items that I could get rid of. I then became a mad woman. Scouring every corner, every closet and even sneaking under the kids beds. I ended with five bags that I toted out of the house immediately and other items for a local ncsportbike yard sale coming up.

I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my chest that I didn't even realize I had. Girls.. go for it. Start simple-- like with the hall closet and see where it leads you.

Note: Clutter is sneaky! Be on guard.


  1. it is so sneaky!  And everywhere!  cheers to the weight being lifted ;)  feels so good!

  2. have me itching to take on some more decluttering. (strangely addicting, no?)


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