Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome May!

Last week was full of awesomeness.  No we didn't travel anywhere but rather, we made memories right in our own back yard.

This was the week to play with your food from FreePlayLife so as usual, we did what Tiffany asked and got our hands dirty.

P.S. Playing with spicy chicken wings should be avoided.  Future reference :)

Play with your food!!  May is the month of fun @freeplaylife #fplphoto Hubby wanted a teeth shot.

We took the kiddos out for a new sport.  After picking up some tennis rackets at last weeks yard sale adventures we decided to frolic about on the court.

Daddy gave a few tips before the memories began.

It's a tennis lesson kinda morning. #unschooling

Montag gets his very first opportunity to join us on a run.  We've been waiting for him to grow up a little and this one miler was the perfect introduction.

I think he's going to make a great running partner!

Montag's first run with us. #goldenretriever #running #toneitup

The hubs and I are full fledged into a new eating clean journey.  It's been a month now and we are noticing some awesome results.

And yes.. mine was bigger :)

"Mines bigger than yours" :) #date #wholefoods #eatclean #toneitup #eatingclean

May is going to rock!


  1. Love that last cute!  You guys are adorable! 


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