Wednesday, May 2, 2012

YES Living.

A little late but ...

here's the proof from our week that we DID say YES.

~Buying funky sunglasses and enjoying a glass of wine before heading out on an adventurous trip to the beach.

Period, Sore Throat, and now a Stiff neck.  The world is trying to keep me from the beach.  Not happening!!  Got my heating pad and my wine for reinforcement!

~Starting the mornings off with a romantic walk on the beach and hooping on top of driftwood.

Perfect Morning

~Braving the cold water, the kiddos went swimming anyways.

My Loves!!
~A shocking site of dolphin splashes resulted in us all communing with them the entire weekend.  Both my husband and son got to touch them.

Our evening visitors. #beach #dolphin

~Painting our nails with funky colors.

A chill morning at the beach. #coffee #beach

~The trip ended with the daddy's dancing with their girls.

The daddy's and their girls.


  1. LOVE, love, love it all! I think we would get along really well:) 


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