Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Going To Get REAL Real Here...

The Sibling Walk

Some of you know that I like to write.  I can be a bit too open and honest at times though, when writing about subjects that are super sensitive or close to my heart.  It's almost like how I start talking religion and politics when I've had too much wine and tend to get trapped into long drawn out debates.  (Sorry Rob for the work vs. play debate at convention).

It's part of who I am.  And I'm part of this crazy Mattern family.  Some of you know that this year has looked a bit different for our family.  Like we've finally broken through our cocoon and are spreading our new wings.

I feel that it needs to be said...

We left religion.  We left Christianity.  We left traditional schooling AND working. :)

There I said it.  Go ahead and unfollow or unfriend.  It's OK.  You aren't the first and probably wont be the last.  But...

This is OUR journey.  

A journey closer towards love and non-judgemental, FREE parenting, living, and schooling.

There will be tons of photos here, lots of blogging about unschooling, raising boysdetoxing, and bad-ass saying yes's.  There will even be new RV posts (fingers crossed), more traveling, and a bit of poetry thrown in randomly.  This is our family.  We are messy and proud of it.

We welcome you!


  1. Hell Ya !! Can't wait to read more more more about you bad ass yes saying loving each other awesome journey

  2. I'm so thrilled that you are in my life!

  3. be the wild you that you are- journey the path that is laid out for you...
    remember the road home, the one that leads to love... the one that no breadcrumbs are ever needed for...
    i wish for you love and blessings and joy and life...



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