Sunday, September 16, 2012

We Hate Saying Goodbye

We arrived only last night to our little cottage and though we are thrilled to be back in our sanctuary, we find ourselves going through withdrawals.

Friendship Withdrawals.

~Cayla is skyping right this moment with her boyfriend.
~Hannah broke down in tears yesterday about how long its going to be before she sees her friends again,
~and Isaiah... he misses the boys.

We hate saying goodbye.

I sat in the jacuzzi on our last day in California telling Hannah that we should look at the positives.

We should feel excited that we met these wonderful kindred souls and look forward to the months ahead as we start planning our next big adventure.

I find myself here, today, needing to embrace those words too as I wish that all of us lived close enough to call up for coffee.


  1. I miss you :(  Let's skype!!!!  tbearup <3

  2. Missing you too.  Skype sounds like an awesome idea!!  I'll get signed up and let you know my name!

  3. Yah, it is so much fun spending time with friends and making new friends, but the goodbyes so hard!! I miss all u guys!!!!!!

  4. Lovely, you can call me anytime for a skype coffee, or tea (coffee gives me the shakes, lol)!

    So much love to you and your family; we miss you guys! See you in January. 
    Or maybe sooner... if you wake up one day to an RV parked out front; it's us! 


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